T.E.R:R.A.I.N - Taranaki Educational Resource: Research, Analysis and Information Network


Layout of the screen. The "help" tab on the top right open up a full set of instructions.

tools for the map

Navigation tool bar


Info – select a point and click for information about that specific item
Pan – hold the left mouse button down and drag , this allows you to move the map
Zoom in – position cursor over the area of interest and either click repeatedly to zoom in step by step, or select the area that you wish to enlarge.
Zoom out – see more of the map on the screen
Back – go back to the last view
Full- see the full map
Length – position the cursor, click and measure between two points
Area – select an area and see the result in the bar at the bottom of the screen
Help -  this will provide details on all the functions

Table of Contents (left panel)


The layers of the GIS may be turned on or off by checking the boxes of the 'overlay layers'.Other functions such as the legend, printing to pdf, and data entry are seen at the bottom of this panel.

camera icon


To see images relating to a map, make sure that the layer 'photos' is turned on, then select the "Info" tool, then click on the camera icon