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Forest and Bird Reserves

Royal Forest and Bird Society have ownership of two reserves in the North Taranaki area, Te Wairoa and Tom and Don's bush.

These are actively administered by the North Taranaki Branch.

Te Wairoa, Lepperton

This 4.9ha area of semi-coastal broadleaved forest and is protected under QEII Trust. The forest is tawa-kohekohe-puriri-titoki-rewarewa with karaka and localised pukatea and maire tawaki.

The area is under active pest control. Trapping for rats and mustelids and poisoning of possums is done by volunteers on a regular basis. TRC has supplied and maintains the traps. The local branch funds the baiting requirements.

Ongoing weed control is necessary, and has been a big part of the restoration of the forest. The in-fill planting is gradually reducing the proliferation of weeds. Some of the main weeds that are being dealt with are hydrangeas, montbretia, gorse and tradescantia.

You may visit this reserve, access is from Clearview Road, off Mountain Road

Tom and Don's Bush, Okato

This property was gifted to the Society by Mr. Don Smith. It came under branch administration in 2006. It is not accessible to the public. This QEII covented 15ha block has mature lowland forest.

The branch has worked on restoring this block for the past two decades with fencing, weed control and planting.On the west side the bush is bounded by the Katikara Stream. The two other small streams which run through the bush have been fenced and riparian planted. Branch members maintain regular pest control with traps and bait stations. There is still ongoing weeding and planting work.