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Seashore surveys

The Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society supports monitoring the life on the rocky shores in Taranaki.

The aim is to show how there are different zones of life on the seashore - from the high tide mussels and barnacles down to the low tide rockpools with brittle starfish and paua. 
We support schools who want to record the animals and seaweeds they find, and show the zonation. Contact us here if you would like to start recording your seashore visits by mapping them online.

By noting the rock or sand, and the organisms, along a line from high tide to low tide we can see if conditions and the animals we find at a place change over time.

Data sets for testing the system were provided from the field research done by Warren Smart, West End School New Plymouth, during his RSNZ Primary Science Teacher Fellowship in 2011.

The project was generously funded by the TSB Community Trust and the Nga Motu Marine Reserve Society.

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