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Mimi School - Penguin Protectors

Pupilsof Mimi School help protect the local penguins

See the records on the Penguin Project map and search for places with penguins - like Mimi.

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Wai-iti Beach has a thriving colony of penguins - and they will be better off now that the School has artificial burrows and protection in place.

Read the Midweek article here.

See the penguin records for Taranki - go to the map here. The screen shots below may assist use the tools. Show the layers, then select the "place names". Right click on the  place names' and you can then search for a place.






Search for "Mimi" - a purple dot shows its location. Click "Zoom to" and you are taken to the place name, which in this case is in some paddocks near the main road!

Zoom out a little (using the slider on the left of the frame), and drag the map across until you find the beach. You can then find out more about each of the penguin records by selecting the "Info" tool on the top toolbar, and clicking on each point.