T.E.R:R.A.I.N - Taranaki Educational Resource: Research, Analysis and Information Network

MAIN Trust

Mapping, Analysis and Information Network Trust, N.Z.

The mapping tools used by the TERRAIN groups for online project management are provided by the Trust using Open Source Software.

Visit the MAIN Trust website here

We aim to get data "out of dusty boxes and from under the bed" and into nationally useful formats, whereby local, fine scale community information may be truly valued, and prevent generational amnesia. The objectives of the Trust are to present community reports online with maps and data analysis available to group members and funding agencies, with selected information available to the public. Digital mapping tools improve project delivery when people can see the effects and options using graphics and images. See the video of our presentation about our work to the 'Greatest Living Space Symposium' Wellington, April 2013.

If you wish to find out more, or have a project you would like to map and data to analyse, please contact us.

The Trust is the sole shareholder in the company DataMap Ltd. We use the dividends to support the hosting of community groups. If you have a commercial project, we would be pleased to supply a competitive quotation.

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