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Rubus hayata-koidzumii (Creeping raspberries)

Kingdom:   Plantae
(Unranked):        Angiosperms
(Unranked):        Eudicots
(Unranked):        Rosids
Order:       Rosales
Family:      Rosaceae
Genus:      Rubus
Species:     R. hayata-koidzumii
Binomial name: Rubus hayata-koidzumii
Synonyms: Rubus calycinoides, Rubus pentalobus, Rubus rolfei, Common names: Creeping raspberries, Taiwanese creeping raspberry.

R. hayata-koidzumii is a native of Taiwan where it grows at high elevations. It is fast-growing, evergreen groundcover is from the same family as strawberries and raspberries.
R. hayata-koidzumii is an evergreen plant with simple leaves. The leaves are arranged opposite one another. They are dark green and heart-shaped with deeply lobed margins.
The solitary white flowers are five-petaled and are borne in early summer. Like other plants in this genus, R. hayata-koidzumii bears aggregate drupes. What this means is that each drupe is actually a cluster of small fruit-like parts (pistils) connected together into one mass. The fruits are edible and are similar in appearance to small blackberries or red raspberries but differ in that their colour is orange.
Rubus hayata-koidzumii used in gardens to form a low growing, evergreen ground cover but in Taranaki, gardeners have found it to be very invasive.  See this article. http://jury.co.nz/tag/rubus-pentalobus/ 

The underside of a leaf.

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