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Westringia fruticosa 'Morning Light'

Kingdom:   Plantae
(Unranked):        Angiosperms
(Unranked):        Eudicots
(Unranked):        Asterids
Order:       Lamiales
Family:      Lamiaceae
Genus:      Westringia
Species: W. fruticosa
Binominal name: Westringia fruticosa
Common name: Coast Rosemary
Cultivar name: Westringia fruticosa 'Morning Light'

Westringia is a genus in the mint family endemic to Australia. The species is native to the coast of New South Wales where it can be seen hugging the cliffs and growing near the sand on the beach hence the common name “Coast Rosemary”

The cultivar Westringia fruticosa 'Morning Light' is a small compact shrub with tightly clean crowded linear leaves with a cream coloured variegation along the margins. It will grow into a round shrub up to 2m tall.
Flowers are typically only seen in late winter and spring. The small flowers are white, hairy and have the upper petal divided into two lobes. They also have purplish spots on their bottom half.
It likes full sun or in bright filtered light.