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Trees & Shrubs (Exotic) Botanical names R to Z with photo

Radermachera sinica (Emerald Tree)

Rhaphiolepis umbellate (Sextons bride)      

Rosa multiflora (Rosa multiflora var. multiflora)

Salix aegyptiaca (Musk willow)

Salix alba var. vitellina (Golden willow)  

Schinus terebinthifolius (Brazilian pepper tree)

Senna corymbosa (Buttercup Tree) 

Sequoiadendron giganteum (Giant sequoia)  

Sequoia sempervirens (Coast redwood)

Serissa foetida (Serissa Snowflake)  

Skimmia japonica subsp. reevesiana (Skimmia reevesiana)

Solanum muricatum (Pepino) 

Stenocarpus sinuatus (Firewheel Tree)

Sorbus aucuparia (Rowan) 

Stachyurus himalaicus

Strobilanthes anisophyllus (Goldfussia)

Syzygium species (Lilly Pilly)  

Syzygium paniculatum (Magenta cherry)

Tamarix parviflora (Small flower tamarisk)

Tamarix ramosissima (Tamarisk  Pink Cascade)

Taxandria juniperina (Juniper Myrtle)

Taxus baccata (Yew)

Taxodium distichum (Swamp Cypress) 

Tecoma alata (Orange Trumpet Flower)

Telanthophora grandifolia (Senecio grandifolius)  

Telopea speciosissima (NSW Waratah)

Tibouchina organensis (Glory bush)

Tibouchina urvilleana (Purple Glory Bush)

Tilia cordata (Little leaf linden)

Tilia. x europaea (Common Lime)  

Toona sinensis (Toon tree)

Trachycarpus fortunei (Chinese windmill palm)  

Trochodendron aralioides (Wheel tree)     

Viburnum betulifolium (Birchleaf Viburnum)

Viburnum japonicum (Japanese Viburnum)

Viburnum plicatum 'Snowball' (Snowball bush)

Westringia fruticosa (Coast Rosemary)

Westringia fruticosa 'Morning Light'

Wollemia nobilis (Wollemi Pine)  

Thanks to Greg Kitson of Ambrosia Nursery.
Thanks to Ian Hutchson of Pukekura Park for his help in identifying plants and trees.
Thanks to Valda Polletti of Te Kainga Marire for her help in identifying some of the trees and plants on the Te Henui walkway and to the authors of the books and websites listed below.
Thanks to Glyn Church of New Plymouth for identifying some of these plants.
Thanks to Alan Jellyman for his identification of some trees and plants

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Mini Guide to the Identification of New Zealand Native Trees by Andrew Crowe
Photographic Guide to Trees of New Zealand by Lawrie Metcalf
Photographic Guide to New Zealand Ferns by Lawrie Metcalfe
New Zealand Small Shrubs and Trees by Murdoch Riley
New Zealand Trees and Ferns by Murdoch Riley
Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand by A. L. Poole and Nancy Adams
Nature Guide to the New Zealand Forest by John Dawson and Rob Lucus
Know your New Zealand Native Plants by Lawrie Metcalf 
New Zealand Flowers and Plants in Colour by J. T Salmon
Audrey Eagle's Books


The New Zealand Plant Conservation Network