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Hakea decurrens (Bushy Needlewood)

Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked) :Eudicots
Order :Proteales
Family: Proteaceae
Genus: Hakea
Species: H. decurrens
Binomial name: Hakea decurrens
Common name: Bushy Needlewood

Hakea decurrens  is a species of  medium shrub or small tree in the family Proteaceae. It is erect in habit, growing to between 0.3 and 5 metres tall. The leaves are 1.5 to 8 cm long and 0.7 to 1.6 mm wide. Young stems are red and the leaves are narrow and prickly. The plant produces pinkish buds opening into white flowers in winter and spring. The fruit is a woody capsule with two seeds. The flowers attract  nectar eaters and provides a refuge for birds.
The species is a native to Australia and is widespread in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania in Australia.


Hakea decurrens woody seed capsule