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Brunfelsia genus: (Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow)

Species:There are about 40 species of neotropical shrubs and small trees.
Common name: The cultivated plant is commonly called "yesterday, today, and tomorrow" due to its colour changes. also called morning-noon-and-night.

Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow is a  Brazil raintree of the family  Solanaceae (nightshade Family) 
Its flowers are purple when they first bloom. Then over a period of several days they fade through a progression of blues and lavenders until they are pure white and then they turn brown and die (the day after tomorrow?). 
All 3 colors are displayed on 1 plant simultaneously. The pansy-like flowers have white throats, are about 5 cm across and borne in profuse clusters displayed all over the plant. Flowers of all three colours are present from spring through the end of summer. Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow gets 0.9-2.4 m tall with several stems, an open, airy habit, and a spread of 0.6-1.5 m. The leaves are leathery and semi-evergreen, 8-16 cm long, dark green above and pale beneath.

A new bloom

The flowers fadeing through a progression of blues and lavenders until they are pure white 

Top surface of the leaf

Under surface of the leaf