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Encephalartos natalensis x woodii (Cycad hybrid)

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Cycadophyta
Class: Cycadopsida
Order: Cycadales
Family: Zamiaceae
Genus: Encephalartos
Hybrid: E. woodii
Binomial name: Encephalartos natalensis x woodii

Encephalartos natalensis x Encephalartos woodii is a Natal Giant Cycad crossed with Wood's Cycad. A female E. natalensis cone is pollinated with pollen from E. woodii, the resulting offspring have characteristics of both plants. This Encephalartos hybrid is thought by some to be the world’s rarest plant, with only one male plant has even been found in the wild, and no females.
Encephalartos natalensis and Encephalartos woodii are endemic to the northern part of the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

It has now been reported that Encephalartos woodii is now extinct in the wild and all plants in cultivation are clones of the last male.

Photographed at Pukekura Park, New Plymouth

The surface of a frond.

Underside of frond.

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