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Owl (Morepork) Ninox novaeseelandiae

Kingdom: Animalia 
Species: novaeseelandiae
Scientific Name:: Ninox novaeseelandiae
Common name: Morepork,,  Ruru

Size: 29cm. Morepork are a common owl which range through out the  main islands and many off-shore and outlying islands. Their habitat are native and exotic forests, also small patches of modified forest and exotic trees. They feed at night, mainly on large insects like weta, cicadas, moths, huhu beetles, and other night flying insects. They also eat spiders, mice, small rats and small birds and lizards.
They breed September to February laying two to three white eggs.
Wherever you live in New Zealand you’re almost bound to hear this little owl calling at night during the summer, provided there are enough trees around.
It has the eerily silent flight that only owls can achieve.They are fully protected.

Click to hear Song of the Morepork


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