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Corokia cotoneaster (Korokio)

Division: Magnoliophyta
Genus Corokia
Species Corokia cotoneaster
Scientific name: Corokia cotoneaster 
Common name: New Zealand wire-netting bush, korokio

Corokia cotoneaster is a tangled shrub evergreen divaricating shrub endemic to New Zealand. It is naturally occuring throughout NZ in dry and stony places. Its grows up to 3m high in sheltered places but in exposed sites it will stay quite tight and compact. Its leaves are green and bronze with fine hairs on them. It will tolerate salt laden winds.
This much-branched shrub grows to 3m with tangle of tortured branches covered with smoky green leaves. It has small, simple open star like yellow flowers (5 to 8mm diameter) in spring then red, yellow or orange drupes in autumn. 
It is visited by a wide range of insects, but a single species of native bee appears to be the effective pollinator.


Shrub in flower.


Flower bud.

The fruit which can be red or yellow.

Cultivars see below 
Flowers of the species Corokia bronze king

There are a few cultivars originating from this plant such as: Corokia 'Little Prince' and Corokia 'North Cape'.
Corokia cotoneaster North Cape is a cultivar of Corokia from North Cape area. It has a height: 0.4m and a spread: 0.6. It is an amazingly slow growing Corokia.  It remains as a low bush and will hang over a bank.

Corokia 'North Cape'. Te Kainga Marire Gardens New Pkymouth

Corokia 'North Cape'. flower buds

Corokia 'North Cape'.