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Coprosma rigida

Species: Coprosma rigida

Coprosma rigida is a small shrub which grows in shady damp forest in poorly drained soil. It is often found growing on river banks, and on the edges of forest remnants of lowland and montane forest, and associated scrub and shrublands.It can grow up to 4 metres, and is densely branching at right angles, but sometimes stiffly weeping. Youngest branchlets have very short erect white hairs obscuring a red-brown surface. The older branches lose the hairs.
The fruit can be white or yellow or orange and sometimes flecked with blue or black. The fruits have two hemispherical seeds in the middle. This plant requires separate female and male plants to regenerate. The seeds are dispersed by birds.
It is found throughout New Zealand.

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Young plants photographed at Otari Native Botanic Garden and Wilton's Bush Reserve. Wellington.  

Closeup of a young plant