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Coprosma repens var. Poor Knights (Prostrate Taupata)

Kingdom:   Plantae
Division:    Magnoliophyta
Class:        Magnoliopsida
Order:       Gentianales
Family:      Rubiaceae
Genus:      Coprosma
Species:     C. repens var. Poor Knights
Binomial name: Coprosma repens var. Poor Knights
Common name: Poor Knights coprosma, Prostrate Taupata.

Coprosma repens 'Poor Knights' is a prostrate form of Coprosma repens, from the Poor Knights Islands. The PoorKnightsIslands are a group of islands off the east coast of the Northland Region of the North Island of New Zealand. They lie 50 kilometres to the north-east of Whangarei. This coastal shrub (60 cm H x 2.5m W) has large glossy leathery green leaves and a sprawling habit.
It flowers during spring and summer, the male flowers appearing in dense, compound clusters, the female flowers in smaller clusters. Female plants produce orange-red ovoid drupes which are around 8 mm in diameter and 10 mm in length.
This shrub is now sold in specialised nurseries.

A young shrub.

The glossy leathery leaves

The underside of a leaf.

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