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House spider (Grey) Badumna longinqua

Kingdom: Animalia 
Phylum: Arthropoda 
Class: Arachnida 
Order: Araneae 
Suborder: Araneomorphae 
Family: Desidae
Genus: Badumna 
Species: Badumna
Scientific name: Badumna longinqua
Synonyms: Badumna longinquus 
Common name: Australian Grey House Spider, Grey House Spider

Badumna longinqua is an Australian immigrant. of a body length: female: 15 mm male: 11 mm This species is commonly found in retreats of leaves and tangled webbing in green shrubs, tree trunks, logs,  It is also found in buildings and on car bodies and car mirrors, rock walls and buildings (in window frames, wall crevices, etc).It feeds on insects such as flies, moths, beetles.
The female spider usually never leaves her web unless forced to, but keeps on repairing it - old webs look untidy, grey and woolly from constant additions of silk. She hides in a retreat at the base of the web till an insect is caught in the web when she will run out and immobilises it. She will leave her nest at night and sit in her own web.
Its toxicity is uncertain; this species probably has the potential to cause mild illness but is rarely aggressive towards humans. 
Badumna longinqua is the favourite food of the whitetail spider.

For more details visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badumna_longinqua


Female in her daytime retreat.


The spider in a defensive posture


Male spider


Male with swollen palps


Spiders underside

Badumna longinqua photographed at night time sitting in its untidy web.

Brown house spider old eggs sacs.  Exit holes are visible.


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