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Spiders, Harvestman, Mites & Relations



Harvestmen Information (Order: Opiliones)

Harvestman ((Order Opilione}

Harvestmen (Megalopsalis species) Long-legged harvestman

Harvestman (Nuncia)

Harvestman (Phalangium opilio)

Harvestman (Soerensenella prehensor}



Mite (Gorse) Tetranychus lintearius  

Mite (Eriophyes paratrophis) Witches broom gall  

Mite (Lacebark Gall) Eriophyes hoheriae

Mite (Red) Tetranychidae 

Mites (Water mites) Unranked Hydracarina

Mite (Worm farm mite) Family:Tetranychidae

Mite (Varroa mite) Varroa destructor


False Scorpion (Pseudoscorpions)


Avondale spider (Delena cancerides) Huntsman 

Bird-dropping spider (Celaenia dubia)

Bird-dropping spider (Celaenia olivacea) 

Cellar spider (Pholcus phalangioides)

Cellar spider (Pholcus species) 

Cave spider (Nelson) Spelungula cavernicola

Cobweb spider (White Porch spider) Cryptachaea gigantipes

Cobweb Spider (Cryptachaea veruculata)  

Cobweb spider (Rhomphaea urquharti)

Cobweb spider (Theridion zantholabio

Crab Spider (Diaea ambara)

Crab spider (Diaea) Unidentified species 1

Crab spider (Diaea) Unidentified species 2

Crab spider (Diaea) Unidentified species 3)

Crab spider (Long legged) Sidymella longipes

Crab spider (Sidymella angularis)

Crab spider (Sidymella) Unidentified species 1)

Crab spider(Sidymella) Unidentified species 2  

Crab spider(Sidymella) Unidentified species 3

Dew drop spiders (Argyrodes antipodiana)

Domestic spider (Achaearanea tepidariorum)

Dwarf spider (Ostearius melanopygius)  

False widow spider (Steatoda bipunctata)

False widow spider (Steatoda capensis) 

False widow spider (Steatoda) Unidentified species 1

False widow spider (Steatoda) Unidentified species 2

False widows spider (Steatoda) Unidentified species 3

Fishing spider (Dolomedes dondalei)

Flattened bark spider (Hemicloea rogenhoferi)

Green spider (Viridictyna kikkawai)  

Ground spiders (Family, Gnaphosidae)

Ground spider (Intruda signata)

Ground spider (Scotophaeus pretiosus)

Ground spider (Maniho species.?)  

House (Black) Badumna insignis

House spider (Grey) Badumna longinqua)  

House spider (Badumna species) 1

House spider (Badumna) Unidentified species 2

Jumping spider Information.

Jumping Spider (Cyclops) Opisthoncus polyphemus

Jumping spider (Graceful-legs Lynx) Oxyopes gracilipes

Jumping spider (Golden brown) Trite auricoma

Jumping spider (Trite mustilina

Jumping spider (Holoplatys) Unidentified species 1

Jumping Spider (Holoplatys) Unidentified species 2

Jumping spider (House hoppers) Hypoblemum albovittatum

Jumping spider (Black Headed) Trite planiceps

Jumping spider (Bronze Aussie) Helpis minitabunda

Jumping spider (Trite parvula)     

Jumping spiders (Unknown species) 

Katipo (Latrodectus katipo)   

Nursery web spider (Dolomedes minor)  

Nusery web spider (Dolomedes schauinslandi

Orbweb spider (Photos of webs) 

Orbweb spider (Black) Family: Araneidae  

Orbweb spider (Cryptic) Family:Araneidae}     

Orbweb spiders (Cryptic) Genus: Cryptaranea

Orbweb spider (Cryptic) Cryptaranea atrihastula

Orbweb spider (Cryptic) Unidentified

Orbweb spider (Garden) Eriophora pustulosa

Orbweb spider (Golden orb-weaver) Nephila edulis

Orbweb spider (Green forest) Colaranea melanoviridis,

Orbweb spider (Green) Colaranea verutum

Orbweb spider (Green) Colaranea viriditas

Orbweb spider (Genus, Eriophora)

Orbweb spider (Horizontal) Leucauge granulata

Orbweb spider (Missing Sector Orb Weaver) Zygiella x-notata

Orbweb spider (Novaranea queribunda)

Orbweb spider (Silver Orb) Leucauge dromedaria

Orbweb spider (Three Lobed) Cyclosa trilobata

Orbweb spider (White-banded) Zealaranea crassa  

Orbweb spider (Unidentified species)

Painted Swift Spider (Supunna picta)

Redback spider (Latrodectus hasseltii)  

Sac spider (Clubiona spp)

Scuttling spider (Genus:Cycloctenus) 

Seashore spider (Amaurobioides maritima)

Sheetweb spider (Cambridgea spp)

Sheetweb spider (Cambridgea foliata) 

Sheetweb spider (Cambridgea fasciata)

Sheetweb spider (Family: Linyphiidae)

Slater spider (Dysdera crocata)

Sombrero spider (Stiphidion facetum)

Spaceweb spider (Romphaea spp)

Stretch spider (Genus:Tetragnatha)

Spotted Ground Swift Spider (Nyssus coloripes) was Supunna picta

Tailed Forest Spider (Arachnura feredayi)

Tailed Grass Spider (Argiope protensa) 

Tangle web spider (Genus: Cryptachaea)

Tunnelweb spider (Banded) Hexathele hochstetteri

Tunnelweb spider (Banded) Hexathele kohua)

Tunnelweb spider (Black) Porrhothele antipodiana 

Two Spined spider (Poecilopachys Australasia)  

Vagrant spider (Uliodon) Unidentified species

Vagrant spider (Uliodon albopunctatus)

Water spider (Dolomedes aquaticus)

Whitetail spiders (Lampona murina & Lampona cylindrata)

Wolf spider (Anoteropsis hilaris)

Wolfe spider (Genus: Lycosa)   

Wolf spider (Lycosidae) Unidentified species 1

Wolf spider (Lycosidae (Unidentified species 2

Wolf spider (Lycosidae) Unidentified species 3

We appreciate and thank the following experts for Identifying some of these spiders.
Thanks to Phil Sirvid Curator of Te Papa's Spiders

Thanks to Cor Vink of Landcare Research NZ.. for identifying some of these spiders
Thanks to the curators of Nature Watch for their IDs
For details of a spiders anatomy visit:      http://www.bumblebee.org/invertebrates/Araneae.htm 

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