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Phormiun tenax ‘Goliath’

Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots 
Order: Asparagales 
Family: Hemerocallidaceae 
Genus: Phormium 
Species: P. tenax  ‘Goliath’
Scientific name:
Phormiun tenax ‘Goliath’ 
Common name: Phormiun tenax ‘Goliath’

Phormiun tenax ‘Goliath’ is a very large form of the common flax (Phormium tenax) which grows fully to 3m. The origin of this form is unknown. The leaves are 2.4 to 4m long by 12.5 cm wide, erect and drooping at the tips. The back of the leaf is very glaucous and the margins are marked with a very thin, almost black line. The scape rises to 3.6 m or more.

This giant form of Phormiun tenax is growing on the Te Henui Walkway

Photographed at Otari Native Botanic Garden and Wilton's Bush Reserve. Wellington.