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Gunnera prorepens

Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Gunnerales
Family: Gunneraceae
Genus: Gunnera This genus was named after the Norwegian botanist Johann Ernst Gunnerus.
Species: G. prorepens (prorepens means creeping forward)
Binominal name: Gunnera prorepens
Synonym: Gunnera flavida

Gunnera prorepens is a herbaceous New Zealand native that forms wide-spreading mounds of vegetation in boggy ground in lowland to montane areas, from Auckland southwards. The brownish to purple-green to green leaves are oval, typically 3 cm long, and carried on long stalks.
Male and female flowers are on separate plants. The bright red fruits develop on a 10 cm tall spike and they ripen in late summer. 


Leaves that have developed a bronze colour. 

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