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Aucuba bacilliform (Aucuba ringspot virus)

Virus classification
Group: Group VII (dsDNA-RT)
Family: Caulimoviridae
Genus: Badnavirus
Species: Aucuba bacilliform
Common names: Aucuba ringspot virus

Viruses in the Badnavirus genus are plant pararetroviruses, meaning they use reverse transcription of an RNA intermediate in order to replicate. The name "Badnavirus" comes from "bacilliform DNA virus."

It is curious that horticulturists choose to propagate diseased plants such as Aucuba japonica (Spotted laurel, Japanese laurel, Japanese aucuba, Gold dust plant). The variegation (the yellow ringspots or yellow mosaic) on the leaves is caused by infection with the badnavirus called Aucuba bacilliform. It is spread by mechanical inoculation: mealybugs, mechanical, wounds and by the plants seeds.

Aucuba japonica  'Crotonifolia' infected with Aucuba bacilliform.

Aucuba japonica 'Crotonoides' infected with Aucuba bacilliform.