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Tmesipteris tannenis (Hanging fork fern)

Kingdom:   Plantae
Division:    Pteridophyta
Class:        Psilotopsida
Order:       Psilotales
Family:      Psilotaceae
Genus:      Tmesipteris
Species:     T. tannenis
Binominal name: Tmesipteris tannenis
Common name: Hanging fork fern

Tmesipteris tannenis is a fern ally endemic to New Zealand and is usually epiphytic on trees, tree ferns, though sometimes it is terrestrial on banks. It distributed throughout the North Island, through uncommon on the east coast, and mainly confined to the wetter areas of the South Island, but with scattered populations on the Banks Peninsula and in southeast Otago. It very similar to Tmesipteris elongata but it is rough to touch.
The usually pendulous aerial stems are up to 120cm long and undivided. The shiny green brittle narrowly ovate leaves (1-3cm) are spirally arranged and end with a spine like tip. The sporangia occur along the stem and have pointed ends.

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