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Loxogramme dictyopteris (Lance fern)

Kingdom:   Plantae
Division:    Pteridophyta
Class:        Pteridopsida
Order:       Polypodiales
Family:      Polypodiaceae
Genus:      Loxogramme
Species:     L. dictyopteris
Binomial name:  Loxogramme dictyopteris
Synonyms: Anarthropteris lanceolate, Polypodium dictyopteris, Anarthropteris dictyopteris, Dictymia lanceolate, Dictyopteris lanceolate, Polypodium cunninghamii,
Common name: Lance fern

Loxogramme dictyopteris is a low epiphytic or rupestral species of fern found in New Zealand. It usually appears in lowland and coastal areas where basalt, limestone or sandstone rocks occur. It can also occur as an epiphyte in alluvial forests. Found up to 600 masl. It is common throughout the NorthIsland but is confined to the upper South Island. This species is easily recognised by its undivided fronds and large, round or slightly elongate sori that have no indusium.

For more details visit:  http://www.nzpcn.org.nz/flora_details.aspx?ID=1397 

Fertile fronds in the foreground, sterile fronds behind.

Fertile fronds with sori with no indusium.

A creeping rhizome

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