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Lastreopsis hispida (Hairy fern)

Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Pteridophyta
Class: Pteridopsida
Order: Polypodiales
Family: Dryopteridaceae
SubFamily: Elaphoglossaceae
Genus: Lastreopsis
Species: L. hispida
Binomial name: Lastreopsis hispida
Synonyms: Rumohra hispida, Polystichum schkuhrii, Nephrodium hispidum, Polypodium setosum, Polystichum hispidum. Aspidium hispidum, Dryopteris hispida, Lastrea hispida.
Common names: Hairy fern, Tuakura

Lastreopsis hispida is an indigenous New Zealand fern endemic to the North, South, Stewart, Chatham Islands and also found in Australia. Its habitat is usually in coastal to montane forests. It is present in Taranaki.
It is a rhizome creeping ground fern with five angled finely divided fronds. The fronds are up to 50 long and up to 30 cm wide.
The stipes are covered with long red/black bristle-like scales hence the common name of ‘Hairy Fern’.
The fronds are brownish green, harsh, bearing bristle-like scales and shorter brown hairs along the veins and midrib. The sori are round and in one row on either side of the midrib

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The underside of a fertile frond. The sori turn black when mature.

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