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Hymenophyllum dilatatum (Muku)

Kingdom:   Plantae
Subkingdom:       Tracheobionta
Division:    Pteridophyta
Class:        Filicopsida
Order: Hymenophyllales
Family:  Hymenophyllaceae
Genus:       Hymenophyllum
Species: H. dilatatum
Binomial name:  Hymenophyllum dilatatum
Synonyms:  Mecodium dilatatum, Sphaerocionium dilatatum, Trichomanes dilatatum, Diplooephyllum dilatatum, Leptocionium sororium.
Common names: Filmy fern, Muku, Matua mauku  

Hymenophyllum dilatatum is an epiphytic (very rarely terrestrial) fern and is a member of the Filmy ferns (genus Hymenophyllum). It has long-creeping stems (rhizomes) bearing bright green hairless fronds with broad leaflets with smooth margins. Numerous dome-shaped sori with smooth flaps are present on each leaflet. It noted for its very large fronds.
It is endemic to New Zealand and found throughout New Zealand including Stewart, Chatham and the Auckland Islands. It is uncommon in the drier parts of the eastern South Island.  It grows in coastal to montane forests epiphytically on trees or on fallen trees and sometimes on banks. It is the largest of New Zealand filmy ferns. 


Thanks to Wikipedia for text and information: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/