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Hymenophyllum demissum (Drooping filmy fern)

Kingdom:   Plantae
Phylum:     Polypodiophyta
Class:        Polypodiopsida
Order:       Hymenophyllales
Family:      Hymenophyllaceae
Genus:      Hymenophyllum
Species:     H. demissum
Binominal name:  Hymenophyllum demissum
Synonyms: Mecodium demissum, Hymenophyllum australe var. aucklandicum, Sphaerocionium demissum, Trichomanes demissum,  Hymenophyllum aucklandicum
Common names: Drooping filmy fern, Irirangi, Piripiri 

Hymenophyllum demissum is a species of pale green to dark green, glabrous, flimsy fern that is widespread throughout New Zealand, Kermadec (Raoul Island), Stewart, Chatham and the Auckland Islands.  Its habitat is coastal to montane forests. It can grow terrestrial or as an epiphytic on the trunks of forest trees and tree ferns. When growing terrestrial it can form dense patches covering banks, logs, rocks and cliff faces.  

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