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Cyathea kermadecensis (Kermadec Tree Fern)

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pteridophyta
Class: Pteridopsida
Order: Cyatheales
Family: Cyatheaceae
Genus: Cyathea
Subgenus: Cyathea
Section: Alsophila
Species: C. kermadecensis
Binomial name: Cyathea kermadecensis
Synonyms: Alsophila kermadecensis
Common name: Kermadec Tree Fern

Cyathea kermadecensis is a species of tree fern endemic to the higher wetter parts of Raoul Island in the Kermadec Islands, where it is locally common in damp ravines, gullies, gorge and cliff forests. The trunk of this plant is tall (up to 20m), slender and often curved and is covered with diamond-shaped scars of old stipe-bases. Fronds can be up to up to 4 m in length and are tripinnate (divided into leaflet that is subdivided into smaller, further subdivided leaflets).

For more detail information visit: http://nzpcn.org.nz/flora_details.asp?ID=460

Photographed at Otira Wiltons Bush Garden, Wellington

The top surface of  the frond

The underside of a frond

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