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Monopis ethelella (Black monopis moth)

Kingdom:   Animalia
Phylum:     Arthropoda
Class:        Insecta
Order:       Lepidoptera
Suborder:   Glossata
Infraorder: Heteroneura
Division:    Ditrysia
Superfamily: Tineoidae
Family:  Tineidae
Genus: Monopis
Species:  M. ethelella
Scientific name:  Monopis ethelella
Synonym: Blabophanes namuella
Common name:  Black Monopis moth

Monopis ethelella is in the genus of the fungus moth family, Tineidae. The moth has blackish-grey forewings with a pale spot near the middle, and a broad whitish line along the inner margin. The white lines join up visually when the moth is in its resting position. The moth has shiny buff hind wings. The wingspan is about 1.5 cm.
The caterpillars of this species carry round a case in which they live.
It is found in Australia and New Zealand. It is attracted to light.


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