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Lepidoscia protorna (Bagworm moth)

Kingdom:  Animalia
Phylum:   Arthropoda
Subphylum:  Hexapoda
Class:   Insecta
Subclass:   Pterygota
Order:   Lepidoptera
Superfamily:  Tineoidea
Family: Psychidae
Genus: Lepidoscia
Species: L. protorna
Binominal name: Lepidoscia protorna
Synonym: Xysmatodoma protorna
Common names: Bagworm moth, Bagmoth, Case moth.

Lepidoscia protorna is a small moth in the family of bagworm moths. It is present in Australia and in the North Island of New Zealand. Adults are seen from December to March.
The caterpillar larvae construct cases out of silk and environmental materials. These cases are attached to rocks, trees or fences while resting or during their pupa stage, but they are otherwise mobile.