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Slugs, Snails, Flatworms, Worms (Terrestrial)


Flatworms (Family: Geoplanidae) Land planarians

Flatworm (Australian flatworm) Australoplana sanguinea

Flatworms (Blue Garden Flatworm) Caenoplana coerulea

Flatworm (Hammerhead) Bipalium kewense

Flatworm (undescribed) 1
Flatworm (undescribed) 2

Flatworm (undescribed) 3

Flatworm (undescribed) 4 

Flatworm (undescribed) 5   

Flatworm (undescibed) 6


Leeches (Family: Hirudinidae)


Slug eggs

Slug (Grey Field) Derocerus reticulatum  

Slug (Keelback Slugs) Genus: Ambigolimax

Slug (Leopard) Limax maximus 

Slug (Leaf veined) Athoracophorus bitentaculatus

Slug (Leaf veined) Pseudaneitea powelli

Slug (Leaf veined) Reflectopallium pseadophyllum

Slug (Leaf veined) Unknown alpine species  

Slug (Paua),Schizoglossa novoseelandica novoseelandica

Slug (Paua) Schizoglossa worthyae

Slug (Striped Greenhouse slug) Ambigolimax valentiana

Slug (Yellow) Limacus flavus

Slug (Unidentified) 1


Snail (Brown Garden)  Cornu aspersum   

Snail (Dark bodied glass) Oxychilus draparnaudi 

Snail (Giant Land snail) species: Powelliphanta

Snail (Kauri snail) Paryphanta genus

Snail (NZ Native land snails)

Snail (Powelliphanta "Egmont")

Snail (Zebra snail) Flammulina zebra

Velvet worms

Velvet worms (Genes: Peripatus & Genus: Ooperipatellus)

Worm (Velvet) Peripatoides suteri


Pasture Wireworm

Worms (Common) Octolasion cyaneum

Worms (Family: Lumbricidae) Unnamed

Worms (Horsehair worms) Phylum: Nematomorpha

Worms (Native) Family: Megascolecidae

Worms (Roundworm) Leaf Eelworm

Worms (Tiger) Eisenia fetida  

We appreciate and thank the following experts for Identifying some of these invertebrates,

Thanks to Phil Sirvid Curator of Te Papa's Spiders collection for identifing the spiders photographs on this site
Thanks to Mary  Morgan-Richards, of  Massey university for identifying some of the invertebrates http://www.massey.ac.nz/

Thanks to Peter Collins of Canterbury Museum for identifying some of the invertebrates

Thanks to Dr Marie-Claude Larivière of Landcare Research NZ. for information on cicadas

Thanks to Philip Howe of South Canterbury Museum for identifing some of the invertebrates

Thanks to Leonie Clunie, New Zealand Arthropod Collection, Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd

Thanks to Cor Vink  of  Landcare Research NZ.. or identifying some of the invertebrates
Thanks to Trevor Crosby  of  Landcare Research NZ.. or identifying some of the invertebrates


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"Which New Zealand Insect?".Andrew Crowe
"Insects and Spiders" by John Early.
"Spiders of New Zealand" by Ray and Lyn Forster
”New Zealand Insect Pests”D.N. Ferro
”New Zealand Pest and Beneficial Insects” R.R.Scott
"Common insects in New Zealand"  David Millar
"New Zealnd Insects and their Story"  Richard Sharell
"A catalogue of New Zealand Insects and their Host Plants" D.M.Spiller & K.A.Wise
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