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Orchids .

Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots 
Order: Asparagales 
Family: Orchidaceae

Orchids are in the family Orchidaceae which contains the largest group of plants on Earth. There are more than 25,000 known species of orchids with more to be discovered. The orchids are recognized as the most highly evolved plants with one of the widest distributions. Orchidaceae are cosmopolitan, occurring in almost every habitat apart from deserts and glaciers. The great majority are to be found in the tropics, mostly Asia, South America and Central America. They are found above the Arctic Circle, in southern Patagonia and even on Macquarie Island, close to Antarctica. The orchid flower is the main predicator of whether a plant is an orchid or not. The flower must have three petals and three sepals, with the third petal or lip modified and differentiated from the other two.

Orchids are also classified by how they grow.
Epiphytes grow on other vegetation;
Lithophytes grow on rocks;
Terrestrial grow in or on the ground;
Saprophytes grow under leaves or even underground.

Here is a key to New Zealand native orchids

As of August 2011 the following orchids are catalogued as being in the Te Henui Valley

Adelopetalum tuberculatum
Corybas cheesemanii
Corybas  aff rivulare "Te Henui" 
Corybas  iridescens
Corybas  macranthum 
Corybas  papa 
Corybas trilobus
Drymoanthus adversus
Earina aestivalis
Earina autumnalis
Earina mucronata
Gastrodia cunninghamii , 
Gastrodia "long column".
Ichthyostomum pygmaeum 
Microtis unifolia
Orthoceras novae-zeelandiae 
Pterostylis alobula
Pterostylis banksii
Pterostylis aff. montana
Singularybas oblongus 
Thelychiton kingianus
Thelymitra longifolia
Thelymitra pauciflora
Winika cunninghamii
There is possibly two species of Microtis and Thelymitra (two unknown species not ID yet )

Te Henui Orchids Photographed

Adelopetalum tuberculatum  

Bulbophyllum pygmaeum  (Pygmy tree orchid)

Corybas cheesemanii

Corybas iridescens 

Corybas papa (Mudstone Spider Orchid)  

Corybas rivularia "Te Henui"

Corybas trilobus

Cymbidium Lowio-grandiflorum (Exotic)

Drymoanthus adversus (Green Fleshy Tree Orchid)

Earina aestivalis

Earina mucronata 

Earina autumnalis (Easter Orchid)    

Gastrodia longcolumn (Potato orchid)

Mycrotis unifolia

Pterostylis alobula (Greenhood)

Pterostylis australis (Greenhood)

Pterostylis aff. montana (Greenhood)  

Thelymitra longifolia

Thelymitra  aff. pauciflora

Thelychiton kingianus (Pink Rock Orchid) Exotic

Thelymitra cyanea (Swamp sun orchid)

Winika cunninghamii

Thanks to John Dodunski of New Plymouth who has been a great help in showing us and identifying our local native orchids and Drosera (sundews) and other natives plants.
Thanks to Gordon Sylvester mapping coordinator for the NZNOG
Thanks also to The New Zealand Native Orchids Group who has an informative website at http://www.nativeorchids.co.nz