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Xanthoria spp.

Kingdom:   Fungi
Division:    Ascomycota
Class:        Lecanoromycetes
Order:       Teloschistales
Family:      Teloschistaceae
Genus:      Xanthomendoza
Species: Xanthoria spp.

Xanthomendoza is a genus of lichenised fungi in the Teloschistaceae family.
This bright orange lignicolour (has wood as its substrate) lichen with distinctive cup-shaped fruiting bodies.
This species may vary in colour depending on the light regime of the substratum, though generally, they are yellow-grey or yellow-green in colour.

There is a New Zealand species called Xanthoria novozelandica.decribed by Landcare Research's site below.

This lichen was growing on a dead branch.

Fruiting cups.

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