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Cladonia coccifera (Red pixie cup)

Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum:     Ascomycota
Class:        Lecanoromycetes
Subclass:   Lecanoromycetidae
Procedure:  Lecanorales
Family:      Cladoniaceae
Genus:      Cladonia
Type:        Cladonia coccifera
Scientific name: Cladonia coccifera
Common name: Madame's pixie-cup, Red pixie cup

Cladonia coccifera is a fruticose lichen. It is a pale greenish lichen which forms fairly regular cups which are made red by its apothecia (fruiting bodies). The podetien (the upright support) is up to 25 mm high and can have 10 mm wide cups.  The cup rim is where red apothecia occur.
Cladonia coccifera is rare in most areas and can be found on logs in early decay. Other red-fruited common lichens (Cladonia macilenta, C. bacillaris, and C. pleurota also occur on tree stumps. 

Lichen growing on old rotten rata log.

Thanks to Wikipedia for text and information: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

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