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Grasshopper (Green Katydid) Caedicia simplex

Kingdom:  Animalia
Phylum:  Arthropoda
Class:  Insecta
Order:  Orthoptera
Suborder:  Ensifera
Superfamily:  Tettigonioidea
Family:  Tettigoniidae
Scientific name: Caedicia simplex, 
Common name:  Katydid, Kiki Pounamu, New Zealand Bush Cricket.

This grasshopper is a native insect. It is also found in Australia. It has a length 42 mm including wings. The life span of a katydid is about a year, with full adulthood usually developing very late.
It is common in New Zealand gardens where it is well camouflaged on shrubs and plants because of its colour and leaf patterns on its wings..  It feeds on foliage. It can jump or fly.  It also makes a feeble chip in the evening. It is named after the call of the American native katydid. "Katy did  Katy didn't". 

There is a rare pink/red and a yellow form which is due to a genetic mutation known as erythrism, similar to the recessive genes that cause pigment disorders that afflicts albino animals. Visit:  http://www.terrain.net.nz/friends-of-te-henui-group/local-insects/grasshopper-pink-katydid-caedicia-simplex.html

An adult Caedicia simplex on the back of my hand.

The nymphs' body can be in different colours, either green, greenish-brown or a rare pink or yellow. 

Below is the green form with  immature wing buds

A later stage Caedicia simplex nymph.


A late stage nymph feeding on rose leaves.