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Beetle (Stag) Paralissotes reticulates

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Coleoptera
Family: Lucanidae
Subfamily: Lucaninae
Genus: Paralissotes
Species: P. reticulatus
Binomial name: Paralissotes reticulates
Common names: New Zealand reticulate stag beetle

Paralissotes reticulatus is a native species of stag beetle from New Zealand. Paralissotes reticulatus is the most widespread species in its genus, having been collected from the Bay of Plenty to South Canterbury. It is found from near sea level to an altitude of about 950m. Like other stag beetles, adult Paralissotes reticulatus has been collected from underneath the decaying logs of native trees. The larvae are found inside rotting wood in an advanced state of decay. Like other Paralissotes species, this beetle is mostly seen at night but may be seen during the day during wet conditions.
The beetle ranges from small to medium sized with a glossy black exoskeleton. Including mandibles, male beetles have a length of 12.7-21.8 mm; female beetles from 13.8-21.3 mm. The reticulate name has its origin in the reticulate pattern of depressed scaly areas and non-scaly areas. Its head is widest in front of the eyes. Male and female beetles have similarly sized mandibles. Like other Paralissotes species, this beetle has vestigial wings.

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