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Fly (Hover, Metallic Blue Hover) Helophilus hochstetteri

Kingdom: Animalia 
Phylum: Arthropoda 
Class: Insecta 
Order: Diptera

Suborder: Brachycera 
Infraorder: Muscomorpha 
Family: Syrphidae 
Subfamily: Eristalinae 
Tribe: Eristalini 
Subtribe: Helophilina 
Genus: Helophilus 
Subgenus: Helophilus (Pilinasica) 
Species: Helophilus (Pilinasica) hochstetteri
Scientific name: Helophilus hochstetteri
Common name: Metallic Blue Hover Fly

A New Zealand flower fly  which is often seen on flowers gathering pollen and nectar