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Fly (Saltmarsh) Scorpiurus aramoana

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Suborder: Brachycera
Infraorder: Asilomorpha
Superfamily: Empidoidea
Family: Dolichopodidae
Subfamily: Hydrophorinae
Genus: Scorpiurus
Species: Scorpiurus aramoana
Binomial name: S. aramoana
Common name: Long-legged saltmarsh fly

Scorpiurus aramoana is one of three native flies in the saltmarsh inhabiting fly genus Scorpiurus. This genus is only found in New Zealand. The other two local species are Scorpiurus thorpei and Scorpiurus aenescens, both are found in the North Island and at the top of the South Island. Scorpiurus aramoana is the first of this genus to be discovered so far south.
Scorpiurus aramoana was first discovered by Associate Professor Steve Kerr, of the University of Otago, on the mudflats of Aramoana just north of Dunedin in December 2015, and again in January 2016. It has now been seen near the Catlins at the bottom of the South Island.

The holotype, a single specimen that acts as an identifier for the species, is held in the Otago Museum collection.
Reference: Bickel, Daniel J. and Kerr, D. Steven (2018) Scorpiurus aramoana (Diptera: Dolichopodidae), a new species from New Zealand. Zootaxa 4422 (1): 78-84.

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