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Flies, Caddisflies, Craneflies, Damselflies Dragonflies, Gnats, Mayflies. Midges, Mosquitoes

Caddisfly (Long-horned) Family: Leptoceridae

Caddisfly (Net-spinning) Genus: Aoteapsyche   

Caddisfly (Net-spinning) Polyplectropus altera

Caddisfly (Sledge-flies) Order: Trichoptera

Cranefly Superfamily: Tipuloidea (600 species in NZ)

Cranefly (Austrolimnophila argus)

Cranefly (Genus: Zelandotipula)

Cranefly (Green) Leptotarsus virescens

Cranefly (Leptotarsus species)

Cranefly (Mountain) Leptotarsus montanus

Cranefly (Swamp) Zelandotipula novarae

Cranefly (Wingless) Family: Tipulidae

Damselfly & Dragonfly Information

Damselfly (Blue/Green) Austrolestes colensonis

Damselfly (Gossamer) Ischnura aurora

Damselfly (Red) Xanthocnemis zealandica  

Dobsonfly (New Zealand) Archichauliodes diversus

Dragonfly (Dusk) Antipodochlora braueri

Dragonfly (Bush) Uropetala carovei

Dragonfly (Lancer) Adversaeschna brevistyla

Dragonfly (Sentry) Hemicordulia australiae  

Dragonfly (Yellow-spotted) Procordulia grayi

Fly (Anabarhynchus genus)

Fly (Australian leafroller tachinid) Trigonospila brevifacies

Fly (Australian sheep blowfly) Lucilia cuprina

Fly (Blowflies) Calliphoridae family

Fly (Black dung) Lasionemopoda hirsute  

Fly (Black Pasture Fly) Hydrellia tritici

Fly (Blossom flies) Genus: Dilophus

Fly (Blossom fly) Dilophus nigrostigma

Fly (Bluebottle blowfly) Calliphora vicina

Fly (Bluebottle) Calliphora vomitoria

Fly (Brachycera Suborder)

Fly (Brown small) Probably in the family: Sapromyzidae

Fly (Brachycera) 

Fly (Brown-striped Litter) Sapromyza neozelandica 

Fly (Chaetophthalmus bicolor)

Fly (Cluster) Pollenia rudis

Fly (Drone) Eristalis tenax

Fly (Flesh) Sarcophagidae family

Fly (Flesh fly) Jantia crassipalpis  

Fly (Fruit) Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryoni)

Fly (Fruit) Drosophila melanogaster  

Fly (Golden blowfly) Lucilia spp  

Fly (Golden blowfly) Family: Calliphoridae

Fly (Green Bottle) Lucilia sericata 

Fly (Green head) Genus: Tabanus

Fly (Green Soldier) Odontomyia sp

Fly (Hairy Kelp fly) Chaetocoelopa littoralis

Fly (Hairy maggot blowfly) Chrysomya rufifacies 

Fly (Horsefly) Genus: Dasybasis

Fly (Horse fly) Family:Tabanidae

Fly (House) Lesser (Fannia canicularis)

Fly (House) Musca domestica 

Fly (House) Calliphoroides antennatis (Native)

Fly (House) Muscidae species 1

Fly (House) Muscidae species 2

Fly (Hover) Bush gadfly (Scaptia adrel)

Fly (Hoverfly) Genus: Platycheirus

Fly (Hoverfly) Melangyna novaezealandiae 

Fly (Hoverfly) Melanostoma fasciatum 

Fly (Hoverfly) Metallic blue (Helophilus hochstetteri)

Fly (Hoverfly) Narcissus bulb fly (Merodon equestris

Fly (Hoverfly three lined) Helophilus seelandicus

Fly (Lauxaniidae family)

Fly (Long legged) Family: Dolichopodidae

Fly (Long legged bronze) Parentia spp

Fly (Long legged green) Parentia spp

Fly (Moth fly) Family: Psychodidae

Fly (Pales genus)

Fly (Parasitoid of moths) Genus: Panzeria

Fly (Robber fly (Family: Asilidae)

Fly (Robber, Banded) Saropogon spp

Fly (Robber, black) Saropogon. spp. 

Fly (Robber common) Neoitamus melanopogon

Fly (Root-Maggot Flies) Anthomyiidae family

Fly (Sandfly) Austrosimulium species

Fly (Saltmarsh) Scorpiurus aramoana

Fly (Sawfly) Pontania promixa (Willow Redgall Sawfly)

Fly (Shore fly) Family: Ephydridae

Fly (Soldier) Benhamyia apicalis

Fly (Soldier) Exaireta spinigera

Fly (Soldier) Hermetia illucens

Fly (Soldier) Neactina opposita

Fly (Stable fly) Stomoxys calcitrans

Fly (Stiletto) Family: Therevidae

Fly (Stonefly) Order: Plecoptera)

Fly (Striped Dung) Oxysarcodexia varia 

Fly (Tachinids) Family Tachinidae

Fly (Tachinids) Tribe: Voriini  

Fly (Thistle gall fly) Urophora stylata

Fly (Thread horns) Suborder: Nematocera

Gnat (Fungus) Boletina species

Gnat (Fungus) Family: Keroplatidae

Gnat (Fungus) Genus: Macrocera

Gnat (Fungus) Family Mycetophilidae

Gnat (Fungus) Genus: Mycetophia

Gnat (Glowworm) Arachnocampa luminosa 

Gnat (Outhouse) Sylvicola Species  1 

Gnat (Outhouse) Sylvicola Species. 2

Gnat (Window) Family: Anisopodidae)

Gnat (Wood) Sylvicola festivus

Mayflies (Order: Ephemeroptera)

Mayfly (Yellow dunAmeletopsis perscitus

Midges (Family: Chironomidae)

Midge (Chironomus zealandicus

Mosquito (Banded mosquito) Culex annulirostris 
NZ Status: Not present- Unwanted Organism

Mosquito (New Zealand)  Maorigoeldia argyropus

Mosquito (Saltmarsh culex) Culex sitiens
NZ Status: Not present- Unwanted Organism

Mosquito,(Striped) Ochlerotatus notoscriptus

Sandfly (Austrosimulium species)

We appreciate and thank the following experts for Identifying some of these invertebrates,

Thanks to members of Nature Watch NZ. http://naturewatch.org.nz/
Thanks to John Early | Curator Entomology | Auckland War Memorial Museum for his identification.
Thanks to Leonie Clunie of  Landcare Research, New Zealand for her help in identification.
Thanks to Dr Robert Hoare, of Landcare Research NZ for his help in identification.
Thanks to Phil Sirvid Curator of Te Papa's Spiders collection for identifying the spider's photographs on this site
Thanks to Mary Morgan-Richards, of Massey University for identifying some of the invertebrates http://www.massey.ac.nz/
Thanks to Peter Collins of Canterbury Museum for identifying some of the invertebrateshttp://www.canterburymuseum.com/
Thanks to Cor Vink of Landcare Research NZ.. or identifying some of the invertebrates http://www.landcareresearch.co.nz
Thanks to Trevor Crosby of Landcare Research NZ.. or identifying some of the invertebrates
Thanks to Philip Howe of South Canterbury Museum at Timaru for identifying some of the invertebrates http://www.timaru.govt.nz/museum.html
Thanks to Dr Richard Rowe, Zoology & Tropical Ecology, Australia.
Thanks to Geoff Tuffy for identification of some dragonflies.


New Zealand Pest and Beneficial Insects"  Lincoln University
"New Zealand Insect Pests" by D N Ferro
"New Zealand Insects and their Host Plants" D Spiller & K Wise
"Insects of New Zealand" by Brian Parkinson
"Know your New Zealand Insects and spiders" John Early
"Which New Zealand Insect?".Andrew Crowe
"Insects and Spiders" by John Early.
"Spiders of New Zealand" by Ray and Lyn Forster

also the following sites