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Butterflies (Common names) .

Thanks to John Early | Curator Entomology | Auckland War Memorial Museum for his identifiaction.
Thanks to Leonie Clunie of  Landcare Research, New Zealand for her help in identification.
Thanks to Dr Robert Hoare, of Landcare Research NZ for his help in identification.

Thanks to  http://nzbutterfly.info

Download a PDF file on Butterfles found in New Zealand  Thanks to
Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust for this file


Australian painted lady (Vanessa (Cynthia) kershawi)

Black mountain ringlet (Percnodaimon merula)

Blue triangle butterfly (Graphium sarpedon)

Male                                                      Female
Blue Moon Butterfly (Hypolimnas bolina nerina)

Blue Tiger butterfly (Tirumala hamata hamata)

Boulder copper butterfly (Lycaena boldenarum)

Butler's ringlet (Erebiola butleri)

Canterbury alpine boulder copper (Lycaena tama)

Coastal Copper butterfly (Lycaena salustius)

Dorsal veiw                                         Underside of wings
Common Blue butterfly (Zizina otis labradus

Wet season form                                 Dry seasion form
Common Evening Brown butterfly (Melanitis leda)

Common tussock butterfly (Argyrophenga antipodum)

Forest ringlet butterfly (Dodonidia helmsii)  

Glade Copper butterfly (Lycaena feredayi complex)

Honshu White Admiral butterfly (Limenitis glorifica)

Janita's Tussock butterfly (Argyrophenga janitae)

Male                                                     Female
Lemon emigrant butterfly (Catopsilia pomona pomona)

Lesser wanderer butterfly (Danaus petilia)

Long-tailed Blue butterfly (Lampides boeticus)

Dorsal veiw                                          Underwing 
Meadow argus (Junonia villida)

Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus)

Red Admiral butterfly (Vanessa gonerilla gonerilla)

Rauparaha’s copper (Lycaena rauparaha)

Southern blue butterfly (Zizina labradus oxleyi

White butterfly (Giant) Pieris brassicae

White butterfly (Common) Pieris rapae

Yellow Admiral butterfly (Vanessa itea)