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Invertebrates (Freshwater) New Zealand .

Freshwater invertebrates (insects, crustaceans, snails, worms and other small critters) are often used as indicators of the state of streams, rivers, lakes and ponds. Thanks to James Cooper for the use of his photos and information on these groups of invertebrates.

Spiders & Mites: (9 jointed legs)
Insects and Springtails: (6 jointed legs)
Crustaceans: (more than 8 jointed legs)
Molluscs: (shells which are bivalves, snails, limpets)
Segmented worms: (paddleworms, leeches, oligochaete worms)
Unsegmented worms: (flatworms, gordian, nematode, proboscis, rhabdocoeis worms)
Hydroids and Bryozoa: (tentacle-bearing) 
Sponges: (no tentacles)
True fly larvae: (Craneflies, midges, true flies, mayflies)

Crustaceans: (more than 8 jointed legs)

Koura (Northern) Paranephrops planifrons

Koura (Southern) Paranephrops zealandicus

Flies: True fly larvae: (Craneflies, midges, trueflies, mayflies)

Caddisfly nymph (Genus: Aoteapsyche) Netspinning caddisfly nymph

Caddisfly nymph (Hydrobiosella mixta) Fingernet caddisfly nymph

Caddisfly nymph (Genus: Hydrobiosis) Free-living caddisfly nymph

Caddisfly nymph (Genus Pycnocentrodes) Stony cased caddisfly nymph   

Caddisfly nymph (Genus: Triplectides) Stick caddisfly nymphs

Cranefly nymph (Genus: Mischoderus)

Dobsonfly (Archichauliodes diversus) NZ dobsonfly

Dragonfly nymph (Antipodochlora braueri) Dusk dragonfly nymph

Mayfly nymph (Genus: Ameletopsis) Ameletopsis perscitus

Mayfly nymph (Genus: Coloburiscu) Coloburiscus humeralis

Mayfly nymph (Genus: Deleatidium) Single gill mayfly nymph

Mayfly nymph (Genus: Icthybotus)

Mayfly nymph (Genus: Oniscigaster) Swimming Mayfly nymph

Mayfly nymph (Genus: Zephlebia) Double gill mayfly nymph

Stonefly (Acroperla trivacuata)

Stonefly nymph (Genus: Austroperla) Austroperla cyrene

Stonefly nymph (Genus: Megaleptoperla) Megaleptoperla grandis

Stonefly nymph (Stenoperla prasina)

Stonefly nymph (Order: Zealandobius)

Water boatmen (Family: Corixidae)

Insects and Springtails: (6 jointed legs)

Beetle (Family: Elmidae) Riffle beetles

Beetle (Rhantus suturalis) Diving beetle

Mites: (9 jointed legs)

Mites (Water mites) Unranked Hydracarina

Molluscs: (shells which are bivalves, snails, limpets)

Snail (Freshwater) Family: Lymnaeidae

Snail (New Zealand mudsnail) Potamopyrgus antipodarum

Snail (Pond) Genus: Lymnaea

(9 jointed legs)

Fishing spider (Dolomedes dondalei)

Nursery spider (Dolomedes minor)

Water spider (Dolomedes aquaticus)      



Worms (Horsehair worms) Phylum: Nematomorpha