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Roridomyces austrororidus (Jelly stemmed helmet)

Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Agaricales
Family: Mycenaceae
Genus: Roridomyces
Species: R. austrororidus
Binomial name: Roridomyces austrororidus
Synonyms: Mycena austrororida, Mycena veronicae, Agaricus stellatus sensu,
Mycena dorotheae, Omphalia stellata sensu
Common name: Jelly stemmed helmet. Austro dripping bonnet

Roridomyces austrororidus is a common species of mushrooms found in South America, New Zealand, and Australia, where it grows as a saprophyte on rotting wood. It is suggested that the geographical distribution of the fungus indicates that its ancestor may have originated from the ancient continent Gondwana. The appears during autumn after rain.
The 1-2 cm convex caps (fruit bodies ) have thick, white, mucilaginous stripes, and they are white initially but turn to a pale brown, The smooth, white stipes (stem) are 4-6 cm long are covered with a thick, mucilaginous coating of gluten.
The gills are white, widely spaced, and have a fused or decurrent attachment to the stipe. The spores are white.

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