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Macrolepiota clelandii (Slender parasol)

Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Agaricales
Family: Lepiotaceae
Genus: Macrolepiota
Species: M. clelandii
Binomial name: Macrolepiota clelandii
Synonyms: Macrolepiota konradii, Macrolepiota gracilenta, Macrolepiota mastoidea.
Common name: Slender parasol, Graceful parasol, Bush parasol,

Macrolepiota clelandiiis a species of mushroom found in New Zealand and Australia. It fruits singly or in small groups on the ground in woodlands, grassed areas, and roadsides. It usually appears in late autumn and early winter. It may also appear in early spring with the right conditions.
It is a tall elegant mushroom that grows up to 20 cm tall, with a cap that may be up to 10cm broad. The cap can be covered with distinctive dark brown scale-like patches.
The creamy white gills on the cap underside are closely spaced and free from attachment to the tall slender stipe. The smooth stripe has a bulbous base and a loose ring on its upper half. This ring is loosely attached and will fall off

Notice the loose stem ring.

A cap with some of the brown scale-like patches still adhering.

A young cap covered in scale like patches

An older cap.

The underside of the cap. The stem ring has fallen off.

Photo showing the long stem and the bulbous base.

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