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Mould (Slime) Toothpaste (Lycogala epidendrum)

Kingdom: Amoebozoa
Phylum: Mycetozoa
Class: Myxogastria
Order: Liceida
Family: Reticulariaceae
Genus: Lycogala
Species: L. epidendrum
Binomial name: Lycogala epidendrum
Synonym: Lycoperdon epidendrum, Lycogala miniatum
Common name: Wolf's milk slime or Toothpaste slime

Lycogala epidendrum is a cosmopolitan slime mould found growing on decaying wood and is found throughout New Zealand. The sporangial phase of this slime is a 3 to 15 mm wide sporocarp (fruiting body). These sporocarps usually are in small groups.
The warted or roughened cortex of these fruit bodies are at first pink to coral red or orange to cream when young. At this stage, the flesh is a pinkish, paste-like substance (like toothpaste hence the common name). With mature, the fruit body darkens yellow/brown/black.

The sporangial phase of this slime is a 3 to 15 mm wide sporocarp (fruiting body). The Sporocarp developing

Next, the orange-pink fruiting body develops.

The fruiting bodies changing to brown.

Mature Sporocarp of Lycogala epidendrum starting to split.

Sporocarp of Lycogala epidendrum rupturing releasing spores

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