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Clavulina rugosa (Wrinkled Coral Fungus)

Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Cantharellales
Family: Clavulinaceae
Genus: Clavulina
Species: C. rugosa
Binomial name: Clavulina rugosa
Synonyms: Clavaria rugosa, Ramaria rugosa, Clavaria herveyi, Clavaria rugosa var. variational, Clavaria grossa, Clavaria canaliculata, Clavaria rugosa var. fuliginea, Clavaria macrospora, Clavulina rugosa var. canaliculata, Clavulina rugosa var. macrospora.
Common name: Wrinkled Coral Fungus, Wrinkled Club,

Clavulina rugosa is small ectomycorrhizal club fungus which grows alone, gregariously, or in clusters among the leaf litter under conifers and hardwoods during late summer to late autumn.
It has an unbranched or sparingly branched structure that is white to cream in colour but sometimes developing yellowish tints with age. It has a rugged, wrinkled, uneven surface, and its branch tips are usually blunt rather than having pointed tips as other Clavaria white clubs. Its normal size is 5-15cm in height.



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