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Clavaria zollingeri (Violet coral)

Kingdom:   Fungi
Division:    Basidiomycota
Class:        Agaricomycetes
Order:       Agaricales
Family:      Clavariaceae
Genus:      Clavaria  (club fungi)
Species:     C. zollingeri
Binomial name: Clavaria zollingeri
Synonyms: Clavaria lavendula
Common name: Violet coral, Magenta coral

Clavaria zollingeri is an indigenous, non-endemic species of saprobic fungi which grows on organic material on the forest floor. It grows alone or in groups during summer and autumn.
It produces striking pale to deep violet fragile tubular fruiting bodies whose individual elements usually share a common base, branching frequently or only occasionally. The fruiting bodies are up to 10cm tall with individual stems that are typically 4 to 7mm across their major diameter. They can have rounded or moderately angular tips on its outer branches. The spore print is white.
It is a widely distributed fungus that’s been reported in Australia, North America, South America, Brunei, India, Korea, North America and Ireland. It is rare in Denmark and Great Britain.


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