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Clavaria sulcata (Salmond coloured)

Kingdom:   Fungi
Division:    Basidiomycota
Class:        Agaricomycetes
Order:       Agaricales
Family:      Clavariaceae
Genus:      Clavaria
Species:     C. sulcata
Binominal name: Clavaria sulcata

Clavaria sulcata is a saprotrophic terrestrial fungus endemic to New Zealand. Clavarioid fungi are colloquially called club fungi and coral fungi. Clavaria sulcata have red-orange fruit bodies which are formed on the ground, on decaying vegetation, or on dead wood. They are basic clubs >70 mm long and are found alone or in groups of 2 > 6.

More details at http://virtualmycota.landcareresearch.co.nz/webforms/vM_Species_Details.aspx?pk=1806


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