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Fish (New Zealand Freshwater) .

NZ National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research's overview of NZ freshwater fish fauna.
Compared to other countries, New Zealand has a sparse freshwater fish fauna of just over fifty species. But it is unique and comprises at least thirty-five native species of which thirty-one are found only in New Zealand. Most of the native species belong to just four families of fish and include twenty galaxiids, seven bullies, two eels, and two smelts. Nine potentially new galaxiid species have been recently found in Otago but are yet to be named so the list is not yet complete. 

Bully (Common) Gobiomorphus cotidianus     

Bully (Giant) Gobiomorphus gobioides

Bully (Redfin) Gobiomorphus huttoni

Dune lake galaxias (Galaxias gracilis) . 

Eel (Australian longfinned) Anguilla reinhardtii

Eel (Longfin) Anguilla dieffenbachii

Eel (Shortfin) Anguilla australis

Whitebait (Galaxias maculatuss)