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Reptiles (Frogs, Geckos, Lizards, Skinks, Snakes, Turtles) .

All New Zealand’s reptiles are fully protected, meaning that they may only be handled, collected or kept in captivity under permit. Predation of New Zealand's reptiles occurs by mustelids (ferrets, weasels, stoats) rats, birds and cats.

Alligator and Crocodiles.
There are no alligators or crocodiles in the wild in New Zealand. 
There are a few specimens housed securely in zoos and aquariums

Alligator (American) mississippiensis  (Exotic)

Crocodile (Saltwater) Crocodylus porosus (Exotic)


Frog (Archey's frog NZ) Leiopelma archeyi 

Frog (Brown tree frog) Litoria ewingii 

Frog (Hamilton's frog NZ) Leiopelma hamiltoni

Frog (Hochstetter's frog NZ) Leiopelma hochstetteri

Frog (Maud Island frog NZ) Leiopelma pakeka 

Frog (Southern Bell) Litoria raniformis)

Frog (Golden Bell ) Litoria aurea 


Gecko (Common) Woodworthia maculatus

Gecko (Cromwell) Woodworthia 'Cromwell' 

Gecko (Duvaucel's gecko) Hoplodactylus duvaucelii 

Gecko (Forest) Mokopirirakau granulatus

Gecko (Goldstripe)  Woodworthia chrysosireticus

Gecko (Jewelled) Naultinus gemmeus

Gecko (Mokopirirakau sp. 'Cascades')

Gecko (Northland green) Naultinus grayii

Gecko (Otago large gecko) Woodworthia sp. ‘Otago large’ 

Gecko (Pacific Sticky-toed) Dactylocnemis pacificus

Gecko (Southern Alps) Woodworthia sp. 'Southern Alps'.

Gecko (Wellington green) Naultinus elegans punctatus  

Lizards (Exotic)

Lizard (Australian water dragon) Intellagama lesueurii  (Exotic)

Lizard (Green) Iguana iguana  (Exotic)

Lizard (Lace monitor) Varanus varius (Exotic)

Skinks Native and Exotic

Skink (Blue-tongued) Tiliqua scincoide (Exotic)

Skink (Brown) Oligosoma zelandicum 

Skink (Common) Oligosoma polychroma

Skink (Cobble skink)

Skink (Copper) Cyclodina aenea

Skink (Grand) Oligosoma grande

Skink (McCann's skink) Oligosoma maccanni

Skink (Ornate) Oligosoma ornatum

Skink (Otago ) Oligosoma otagense 

Skink (Rainbow) Lampropholis delicate (Exotic)

Skink (Shingleback) Tiliqua rugosa (Exotic)

Skink (Shore) Oligosoma smithii

Skink (Spotted) Oligosoma lineoocellatum

Skink (Whitakers) Cyclodina whitakeri 

There are only visiting sea snakes here in New Zealand.

Snake (Banded Sea Krait) Laticauda colubrine   

Snake (Yellow-bellied sea snake) Hydrophis platura    

Tortoise (Exotic)

There are no native New Zealand tortoises.
They are only kept in the Auckland museum. 

Tortoise (Galápagos) Chelonoidis nigra  (Exotic)  

Tortoise (Indian star) Geochelone elegans 

Tortoise (Leopard) Stigmochelys pardalis (Exotic)


Tuatara (Brother Islands) Sphenodon guntheri

Tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus & Sphenodon guntheri)  

Turtles (Sea)

Turtle (Green) Chelonia mydas 

Turtle (Hawksbill) Eretmochelys imbricata 

Turtle (Loggerhead) Caretta caretta

Turtle (Leatherback) Dermochelys coriacea 

Turtle (Olive ridley) Lepidochelys olivacea

Turtles (Freshwater) Exotic

New Zealand has no native turtles.
The species listed below are in private collections throughout New Zealand

Turtle (Broad-shelled long-necked) Chelodina expansa (Exotic)

Turtle (Chinese Box) Cuora flavomarginata (Exotic)

Turtle (Chinese Softshell) Pelodiscus sinensis (Exotic)

Turtle (Cumberland) Trachemys scripta troostii (Exotic)

Turtle (Eastern long-necked) Chelodina longicollis (Exotic)

Turtle (Northern snake-necked) Chelodina oblonga (Exotic)

Turtle (Red-bellied short-necked) Emydura subglobosa (Exotic)

Turtle (Red-eared slider) Trachemys scripta elegans (Exotic)

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