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Gaura lindheimeri (Wand flower)

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Order: Myrtales
Family: Onagraceae
Genus: Gaura
Species: G. lindheimeri
Scientific name: Gaura lindheimeri
Common name: Wand flower, Whirling Butterflies, Lindheimer's Bee blossom, White Gaura, Pink Gaura,                        Lindheimer's Clockweed, Wandflower

Gaura lindheishort is a short-lived perennial herbaceous plant growing to  50–150 cm tall from an underground rhizome.   It has slender stems. The leaves are finely hairy, lanceolate, 1–9 cm long and 1–13 mm broad, with a coarsely toothed margin.  
The flowers are produced on a 10–80 cm long inflorescence; they are pink or white, 2–3 cm diameter, with four petals 10–15 mm long and long hair like stamens, and are produced from the beginning of spring until the first frost.

Gaura  lindheimeriis is a species of Gaura native to southern Louisiana and Texas and hence likes a dry sun baked soil.  
It is also called 'Whirling Butterflies' because a multitude of flowers dance above the plant like a host of butterflies when the breeze catches them.

Bud just opening

Upper surface of a leaf

The under surface of a leaf

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