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Viburnum davidii (David viburnum)

Kingdom:   Plantae
(Unranked):        Angiosperms
(Unranked):        Eudicots
(Unranked):        Asterids
Order:       Dipsacales
Family:      Adoxaceae
Genus:      Viburnum
Species: V. davidii
Binomial name: Viburnum davidii
Common name: David viburnum

Viburnum davidii is a low growing, dense, evergreen, mound-forming plant (>1.5 metres high) and is a native to western China. It has large dark green glossy leathery oval leaves up to 15 cm long with three distinctive main veins. Both leaf and flower stems can be flushed with red.
Flattened terminal cymes composed of tiny, tubular off-white appear in late spring. The male and female flowers of this plant are borne on different plants (dioecious). If both male and female plants are present in close proximity the female plants will bear small, ovoid, metallic blue fruits, these will last until the winter months.
The fruit can cause a mild stomach upset if ingested.

The blue berries on the female plant.

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