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Eryngium paniculatum (Sea Holly)

Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Apiales
Family: Apiaceae
Genus: Saniculoideae
Tribes: Saniculeae
Genus: Eryngium
Species: E. paniculatum
Binominal name: Eryngium paniculatum
Synonyms: Eryngium paniculatum var. atrocephalum, Eryngium paniculatum var. chilense, Eryngium paniculatum f. junior, Eryngium paniculatum var. litorale, Eryngium subulatum
Common names: Sea Holly, Chupalla, Caraguatá, Cadilla,

Eryngium paniculatum is a plant endemic to the southern half of Chile all the way down to Tierra del Fuego and it is also found in Argentina. This plant is noted for being aggressive in its native habitat and livestock grazing pastures.
Eryngium paniculatum is an evergreen, rosette forming herbaceous perennial with tall erect flowering stems. It has green, strap-shaped leaves that have margins of fine spines resembling a Puya. The leaves are >30 cm long and 3 cm wide and are arranged in a rosette.
Its flowering stems which grow >1.5 m in height are green and erect, branching towards the top. Its white-green flowers are spherical, are up to 3cm across and appear in a branched racemose inflorescence. The flower heads are followed by numerous viable seeds. Its roots are rhizomes.

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